Historic Ireland

Michael Collins "The Big Fella"

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

Limited Edition of 350

Each statue is uniquely numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

PRICE: €350

History lessons at school presented Michael Collins as a national hero and a towering figure in the struggle for Irish independence.

I tried to express in his stance this boldness of intent and to give a sense of his awareness of the importance of his endeavors, the very work that would earn him his place in history. In his face I wanted to read that strength of character that sustained him – he would need every bit of it to succeed.

Michael Collins looms large among the many Irish patriots who would not rest until the people could once again take charge of their own destiny.


“I shall not last long; my life is forfeit, but I shall do my best. After I am gone it will be easier for others”

Michael Collins